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The cry from a wounded planet

Sons and daughters of the Earth,
you know good and evil:
Life is in danger! Show that you care!

Discover the wholeness
The earth is a tapestry woven without seams.
No-one has the right to tear it apart.

Sense the Holiness
A holy fragrance hovers over all that exists.
Life must be valued, protected and loved.

Rejoice in the beauty
Creation has a wealth of its own.
Nothing is mere raw material.
The gifts of the Earth must be handled
with devotion and gratitude.

Remember the context
Your life is woven into the pattern of all life on Earth.
All that you have is given to you in trust.
You must pass it all on to those who come after you.

Struggle for justice
Mother Earth has enough to meet the needs of all,
but not to satisfy their greed.
The gap between rich and poor
is contempt for human dignity.

Live in reconciliation
Sons and daughters of the Earth,
you have the power to tear up her tapestry:
You are called to a life in reconciliation!